A Hero's Guide To Gardening.

A mobile game that aims to guide young players in talking about emotions and taking care of their mental health.

A Hero's Guide To Gardening

For Players & Parents

 The UK Is experiencing a worsening children’s mental health crisis, with recent figures showing 1 child in 8 presenting with a mood disorder or mental illness (Children's Commission's Report). Now more than ever we need children’s media that tackle mental health themes for a young audience. 

A Hero's Guide To Gardening is a mobile game for kids designed to develop players emotional literacy. We are designing the game in consultation with mental health professionals and teachers to ensure we are following best practice when it comes to handling this sensitive subject matter.

Games are an incredible medium for getting kids talking about their mental health. Instead of passively watching or reading a story, they are active participants, using their own reasoning and decision making to shape the game’s narrative. 

Our aim is to change the future of children’s mental health by making it normal to talk about it, to empowering adults and caregivers to have these conversations and giving children an emotional toolkit that will help them face the stresses and anxieties of being a kid in the 2020s.

Our Hero in Training

The player follows the story of Noomi as she sets off on her first summer at camp where she hopes to become a hero adventurer. Things don’t go according to plan and instead, she finds herself bluffing her way through an advanced gardening program, and put in charge of three struggling botanists. Noomi must get to know them and help solve the problems that plague each of their gardens.   

Through playable stories and dialogue with the characters and creatures Noomi meets at camp, players discover different expressions of emotion and learn strategies for coping with fear, anger, and sadness.

Supported by Sky

The development of A Hero's Guide To Gardening has been supported by the 2019 Sky Women in Technology Scholarship.


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Artwork & Gameplay - April 2020

Check out this great video

Experiments in Play - September 2019

A little peek at the first rough draft prototype of A Hero's Guide to Gardening. Recorded at Experiments in Play at Goldsmiths College London.

GET CLOSER - January 2019

A Hero's Guide To Gardening started as a quick little prototype called Get Closer, made during Global Game Jam 2019.